Made in Germany
Acron Music
Enjoy playing
magical melodies
without practising long.

Welcome to the fantastic world of fairy flutes!

This beautiful and unique fairy flute made of high-quality Duran-glass is an exceptional musical instrument.

Every flute is a unique specimen and was made by hand with the utmost care and love.

It ranks among the family of overtone flutes, thus it has no openings to stop. That is why everyone can play it without having to practice much. And that’s not all: with only one finger and various intensities of blowing the air you can play up to seventeen different tones!!
Foto der Feenflöte auf blauem Samt

The intervals always remain the same inependent of the tonic. (law of overtone or natural scale).

The tonics and the notes which can be heard vary depending on the size of the flute. All flutes which can presently be bought are pitched on the tone E. So the flute can be accompanied by a guitar.

Michael Reimann plays the Fairy Flute
Hörprobe Modell Princess
Hörprobe Modell Queen
Hörprobe Modell Doppelflöte
Video: Video: Michael Reimann spielt die Feenflöte
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